New Website an Ongoing Work in Progress

Our website has been updated to this new version, launched 25 October 2013.  Our intent was to make the site a bit more user friendly – – – an easier to follow navigation menu, larger font size, more visual interest from the use of color and images – – – and we believe that is accomplished in this new site.

While the Home Page of the site will be the page most frequently updated with new content, we’ll also, from time to time, use this Blog feature to present new content that may be important but not front page important.  We’ll also be using the right side bar to promote events and meetings of interest to board members and staff.

We’ve viewing this new site as a perpetual work in progress.  It was built with an easy to use content management system that permits us to update quickly and without the need of using a specific computer or special hardware.  Updates can be made “on the run” or from anywhere we have an Internet connection.

Some of the regional member organizations are in the process of updating their own websites, too.  As those new websites are launched, we’ll add links on the individual organization pages of this site.

We want to make this website a full one-stop resource for all of the Executive Directors and Chairs of each regional workforce board, our Board of Directors, and  representatives of labor, industry, business and economic development, education, training and workforce development.  This bespoke the need for speed and ease of use in updating our site, and we’ve accomplished that.

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