Statement From The Chairman

Statement from the Chairman

Welcome to the Association’s web site. We hope you have had the opportunity to utilize the web site and that it provides you with useful links to support your workforce efforts throughout Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts Workforce Board Association is a private sector led organization with representatives of business, labor, education and the non-profits, all of which are facing significant challenges as a result of a lack of jobs and in some sectors skilled workers available to meet current and projected workforce needs.

Our key objective is to develop a recognition of the need for change in education, job placement and training practices as they relate to workforce development and economic development throughout the Commonwealth.

The Association members have been focusing on several key initiatives:

  • The reauthorization of the Workforce Investment Act as a vehicle to respond to the changing conditions of the Massachusetts and US labor market including increasing funding for workforce programs in the federal budget and new strategies to respond to employer and worker needs;
  • Focus on the success of the Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund, which brings together employers, workers, educators, and labor and workforce organizations to respond to the skills gap in key industry sectors. The continued capitalization of the WCTF is a top priority.
  • Broader engagement of the private sector in helping to craft, though local workforce boards in partnership with education and training providers, the development of a public-private sector approach to increasing workers skills and company competitiveness;
  • Expanding opportunities for workplace based education in the provision of adult basic education and English as a second language services.
  • Performance accountability to ensure an effective workforce system for the Commonwealth based upon a strategic value driven approach including the closing the skills gap; increasing the capacity of the system and developing the youth pipeline, in partnership with key state leaders and local stakeholders.

We all know the challenge of the critical economic times that everyone in the Commonwealth and the Country is facing.  I firmly believe that workforce development is economic development and that workforce development will chart the path to the better economic times to come.  This Association and the workforce development movement needs your help.  There are many ways you can help through your regional Boards and the programs they have developed as well as through the initiatives that have been developed by the Commonwealth and this Association. Thank you in advance for your assistance with this effort to solve the workforce problems that confront this Commonwealth and create a better future for us all.


Yours truly,


Stanley J Usovicz, Chairman

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