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Teens activists rally for summer jobs

by Adrian Walker

The Boston Globe


Senate Working to Reauthorize the Workforce Investment Act

by Neil Bomberg

National League of Cities

For those long out of work, job prospects get worse

by Megan Woolhouse

The Boston Globe

Tech giants press for computing standards in Mass. schools

by Michael Farrell

The Boston Globe


Teen Employment in the News

Summer jobs add up to less violence in study

by Travis Andersen

The Boston Globe

More than seven in 10 U.S. teens jobless in summer

by Hope Yen

USA Today

Getting a summer job

by Emily Neill

The Boston Globe

Summer Chill: Fewer Companies Hiring Students Hurts Firms Too

by Emily Micucci

Worcester Business Journal

Summer job prospects rise for teens, but barely

by Marc Larocque

Taunton Daily Gazette

Teen Confidence in Summer Job Prospects Hot, But Could Cool Off

by Jack Kosakowski

The Huffington Post

Wanted (sorta): Summer jobs for teen

by Brittany Hargrave

USA Today

Teens in Chicago, nationwide finding it’s a tough summer job market

by Nausheen Husain

Chicago Sun Times

Teens may struggle to find summer jobs

by Simon Gutierrez

ABC13- Houston, TX

Youth jobs program facing deep cuts in Mass.

by Megan Woolhouse

The Boston Globe

Editorial: Summer jobs help teens realize brighter future

by The Springfield Republican Editorial Team


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