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Commonwealth Corporation Announces Request for Proposals for the Workforce Competitiveness Trust FY16 Appropriation

Commonwealth Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the WCTF FY16 Appropriation Request for Proposals. 

The WCTF FY16 Appropriation is designed to deliver Pipeline Training Programs to train and place un/underemployed Massachusetts Residents into occupation (s) that are in demand by employers in a targeted region. Applications may also apply for additional CAPACITY BUILDING ACTIVITIES funds to conduct regional planning, capacity building or other system change activities designed to improve placement and retention outcomes for the region’s residents in the target occupation(s) or in other occupations within the same industry sector as the Pipeline Training Program. All applicants must propose to deliver a Pipeline Training Program. 

Required Letters of Intent Due: November 2, 2015 by midnight. Please see RFP for more information.


WCTF FY16 Application Budget and Outcome Form





What is the Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund?

The Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund is a workforce development initiative that supports programs in critical industry sectors in Massachusetts.  This state-funded initiative is administered by Commonwealth Corporation on behalf of the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development.

The WCTF was a key component of the Workforce Solutions Act/Economic Stimulus Bill of 2006 and was established with two objectives:

  • To improve the competitive stature of Massachusetts businesses by improving the skills of current and future workers, and
  • To improve access to well-paying jobs and long-term career success for all residents of Massachusetts, especially those who experience structural, social, and educational barriers to employment success.

The WCTF is guided by an advisory committee representing community-based organizations, education and workforce development agencies, labor, industries and employers.  The advisory committee is chaired by Suzanne M. Bump, Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development.

(see CommCorp for further details)

The Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund (WCTF) is the hallmark of the Workforce Solutions Act, a three-year initiative focused on several critical industry sectors. It is designed to enable a broad range of residents—including older workers, low-wage workers, low-income individuals, disabled citizens, vulnerable youth, incumbent workers and the unemployed—to gain access to employment, education and the skills necessary to move forward along a career path leading to economic self-sufficiency.


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