The Governance Committee’s primary responsibilities are to:
  • Identify, vet, and make recommendations on potential new board members
  • Oversee the election of board members via the annual meeting 
  • Conduct the onboarding of board members
  • Identify by-law amendments as needed
  • Develop and manage annual executive director assessment
  • Address issues of board accountability
  • Review and make recommendations on organizational controls and policies
  • Review and make recommendations on committee structure and responsibilities

Maddrey Goode, Co-Chair
Valerie Sutton, Co-Chair
Shannon Norton
Sheila Sullivan-Jardim
Stan Usovicz
Paul Ventresca



The Public Policy Committee’s primary responsibilities are to:
  • Assist MWA staff with the creation of MWA’s federal and state public policy agenda before each two-year legislative session
  • Work with MWA staff to determine which positions and actions on particular issues, outside of legislative priorities that need to come to the MWA Board for approval
  • Participate with MWA staff in strategic conversations around the state and federal budgets
  • Assist MWA staff in building strong alliances and partnerships with other associations, coalitions, regional strategic stakeholders, corporations, and other philanthropic entities 
  • Assist MWA staff in presenting to the MWA Board recommendations positions, and potential actions needing board approval

Chris Albrizio-Lee
Rebecca Bialecki
Robert Bower
Kevin Coughlin
Maura Geary
Ron Iacobucci
Lee Ann Johnson
Kevin Lynn
Ron Marlow
Karen Pelletier

Mary Sarris
Rebecca Starr
Kathleen Weislein


The Membership Committee’s primary responsibilities are to:
  • Review membership structure and value proposition for members on a regular basis and update as necessary

  • Promote MWA events, membership, and opportunities within their networks

  • Notify MWA of important events, leadership transitions, or key connections in their region

  • Assist MWA staff as needed in any regional events or board meetings

David Gadaire, Chair
Lee Ann Johnson
Joe Lopes

Angela McCabe
Louise Meyer
Bobby Tugbiyele
Michael Weekes


The Finance Committee’s primary responsibilities are to:
  • Develop and approve the annual operating budget
  • Monitor the organization’s financial statements
  • Ensure compliance with federal, state, and other financial reporting requirements
  • Assist in setting long-term financial goals with funding strategies to achieve them
  • Review and make recommendations on the organization’s annual financial review/audit
  • Create, approve, monitor, and update financial procedures to ensure the assets of the organization are protected

Jim Oliveira, Chair
Carlene Campanale
Stan Usovicz

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