May Unemployment Data Show Historically High Rate Again

Last week, the Commonwealth released the revised unemployment rate for April 2020 and the rate for May 2020. At 16.2 and 16.3 percent respectively, these rates are the highest the state has seen since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began measuring. Today, the local area unemployment rates were released, showing variation across the state, with some areas seeing 20 percent unemployment and others as low as 12 percent. The City of Lawrence is estimated to be seeing nearly 30 percent unemployment. See below for links to the latest available data.

Statewide News Release 6.22.2020
Local Area News Release 6.23.2020
Workforce Development Area Unemployment Rate Comparison
Town Unemployment Rate Comparison
May 2020 Labor Force and Unemployment Rate Comparison by Workforce Development Area and City/Town (c/o Depositors Insurance Fund)
May 2020 UI Claimant Data by Workforce Development Area (includes demographic characteristics)
May 2020 UI Claimant Data by Occupation and Workforce Development Area (c/o Depositors Insurance Fund)
Labor Market Data Visualizations with Tableau

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